iOS 17 Release: Apple Has Just Introduced Next-Gen Software Update With These New Features: How To Download

Apple has finally introduced iOS 17 all over the globe with a slew of new features including NameDrop, improved communication applications, new Facetime features, StandBy Mode, Journal application along with minor updates to other applications like Photos, App Store, Siri, Apple Music and more. Not only that, Apple has also made changes to the calling tab.

Apple has finally introduced the iOS 17, a significant update aimed at making the iPhone more personal and intuitive. To improve the overall user experience, the update offers significant improvements to communication apps, a new StandBy feature, enhanced sharing with AirDrop, and smarter input methods.

Improved Communication Apps

The iOS Phone app has been significantly updated, making crucial calls even more visible. Users may now customise the appearance of their known contacts when they call, including in third-party calling apps.

Furthermore, iOS 17 introduces Live Voicemail, which provides real-time transcription while callers leave voicemails. While the message is being recorded, users might pick up the phone. To ensure privacy, live voicemail transcription is conducted on-device. When the Silence Unknown Callers function is active, unknown numbers are routed to Live Voicemail, and carrier-identified spam calls are immediately denied.

New FaceTime Features

With the option to leave video or voice messages while the recipient is not accessible, FaceTime is now more useful. During FaceTime calls, users can respond with Reactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, and laser beams. Additionally, supported third-party video conferencing programmes like Zoom and Webex from Cisco offer these Reactions.

Improved Messages App

A number of modifications are made to the Messages app to improve user experience. Search criteria have been added to a robust search feature, making it simpler to locate particular messages. Automatic transcription of audio messages enables users to read or listen afterwards. The ability to swipe inline on text bubbles simplifies replying to messages. Users can now extract subjects from images and add entertaining effects to make Live Stickers.

StandBy Mode

With the release of iOS 17, a brand-new full-screen experience called StandBy that can be seen while the iPhone is charging is made available. Various clock styles, favourite pictures, and widgets, including Smart Stacks, can be displayed by StandBy. Additionally, it has Siri results, incoming calls, full-screen Live Activities, and larger notifications.


Sharing is made simpler via AirDrop thanks to a brand-new feature called NameDrop. By placing their iPhone devices close to one another, users can share material and contact details. The same gesture can start SharePlay for group watching, gaming, or listening. When users travel out of range, AirDrop will enable transfers over the internet later this year.

Journal Application

Journal is a new iPhone app in iOS 17 that allows users to reflect on everyday happenings and significant occasions. The app provides personalised recommendations based on previous activities like images, people, places, and workouts. Users are encouraged to make journaling a habit by using scheduled notifications. Journal protects user privacy by processing on-device, encrypting data, and allowing users to lock the app.

Not only that, the tech giant has also made changes to the Health, Apple Music, Siri, Photos, App Store along with some privacy upgrades.

iOS 17: How To Download:

Apple iOS 17 is now avaialble for download and users can download the update by going to Settings and searching for Software Updates.

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