iOS 17: Everything you need to know about Apple’s big updates

iOS 17: Everything you need to know about Apple's big updates

Apple’s iOS 17 is now available for download on all supported iPhones. The new software update brings a number of new features and improvements, including:

New app: Journal

iOS 17 introduces a new app called Journal, which is designed to help users keep track of their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. The app features a variety of templates and tools to help users create and organize their journal entries, and it can also be used to create and share photo journals.

Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail is a new feature that allows users to see a real-time transcription of voicemail messages as they are being left. This can be helpful for users who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who simply want to be able to quickly scan the contents of a voicemail message before listening to it.

New iMessage features

iOS 17 also introduces a number of new iMessage features, such as the ability to edit or unsend messages, and to mark messages as unread. The update also includes a new drawer in the keyboard for easier access to common functions like the Camera, Photo, Stickers, Apple Cash, Audio, and Location Sharing.

Other new features

Other new features in iOS 17 include:

  • A new Focus mode called “Lockdown Mode,” which is designed to protect users from targeted spyware attacks.
  • A new Live Text feature that allows users to interact with text in videos and images.
  • A new Siri feature that allows users to give Siri instructions without having to first say “Hey Siri.”
  • A new Maps feature that provides more detailed information about public transportation routes.
  • A new Home app that makes it easier to control smart home devices.


iOS 17 is compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone XR and later. Users can download the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Overall, iOS 17 is a significant update that brings a number of new features and improvements to iPhones. Users who are able to upgrade to iOS 17 should definitely consider doing so.

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